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Extensive Auto Towing
and Recycling Services

Don't Let Your Old Car Go to Waste

Do you want to get rid of your junk car? Turn to AC Auto Dismantling! Our professionals will provide you with free towing services for your wrecked car. You will get the best resale prices for your junk cars and trucks.

Wondering what will happen to your junk vehicles after we buy them from you? We will recycle them for a better purpose. Parts obtained from the respective automobiles will be reused. The remaining scrap metal will be remade into new steel products. Contact us for more details!

Eco-Friendly Vehicle Recycling Services

Don't pay extra for a storage unit to keep your junk car. Instead, sell it to us and earn some extra money in return! Your old car is recycled for all the good reasons. It saves a lot of energy and resources. It also reduces the need to mine new metals.

Requisite paperwork for your vehicle will be done properly on time. We deal with parts of used cars and trucks. Get in touch with us today for prompt and reliable auto recycling services.
Call us at 530-674-7721 for a FREE estimate on recycling or dismantling services.
We deal with vehicles of all makes and models. Contact us for more details!
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